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Patient Lifts & Slings |

b'Patient Lifts. A Patient lift and sling is an assistive device that will help a caregiver transfer a patient, with limited mobility, from the bed to a chair and back. Patient lifts are operated either by hydraulic-manual pumping or are electric motor. All our mobile patient lifts are designed to be operated by a family .'

Patient Lifts - Electric Wheelchairs | Lifts

b'If your patient sling needs are more specific, please give us a call at 1-800-850-0335 for help selecting the best sling to meet your needs. Manual Patient Lifts - These lifts are manual and completely operated by the caregiver. They have hydraulic actuators to raise and lower the person in the lift.'

Ceiling Hoists and Patient Hoist Case Studies | OpeMed

b'The OpeMed H Ceiling Hoist System In-Situ The OpeMed H Ceiling Hoist System is simple to use, safe and a quick way of driving the hoist from a bedroom to en-suite bathroom or similar. The OpeMed track system with its white, compact design blends into the environment and is \xe2\x80\xa6'

Sit To Stand Lifts | Stand Up Lifts | Patient Lifts ...

b'Sit-to-stand lifts are devices designed to help patients who lack the specific strength or muscle control to rise to a standing position and quickly transferring a resident between two seated surfaces, eliminating two or three manual transfers when toileting or showering a resident, while also greatly minimizing .'

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b'Patient Care Equipment: 11740: Dental Equipment: 11750: Optical Equipment: 11760: Operating Room Equipment: 11770: ... Hoists and Crane: 14605: Crane Rail: 14610: Fixed Hoist: Air - Powered Fixed Hoists Electric Fixed Hoists Manual Fixed Hoists: 14620: Trolley Hoist: Air - Powered Trolley Hoists Electric'

Evidence-Based Practices for Safe Patient Handling and ...

b'Patient handling equipment and devices. A more efficient engineering control strategy than back belts is the utilization of patient handling equipment and devices. Although the evidence supporting the use of mechanical and lifting devices within the health care industry has \xe2\x80\xa6'

The Caregiver's Guide to Choosing the Right Patient Lift

b'Introduction. A patient lift is used to help caregivers transport patients who have limited mobility to and from a bed, wheelchair, shower or toilet. Patient lifts come in a few basic varieties and are used in hospitals, nursing homes and private residents alike for patients with varying degrees of mobility. The ...'

Mobile Hoists | How to Safety Checks Prior to Each Use

b'Mobile hoists and ceiling hoists have become an essential part of moving and handling equipment for many patients and carers in domestic and acute care settings. Make sure you are carrying out these 6 hoist safety checks prior to each use.'