LS03W OEM Load pins with Shackle for crane

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b'Load Cell Central is an industry leader in designing, building, and supporting custom and off-the-shelf equipment for electronic industrial weighing systems (load cell systems) and force measurement applications. We offer load cells , electronics, scales, mounting assemblies, hardware, and all the .'

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b'Private labeled load cells are available for OEM customers. We carry force transducers ranging from miniature up to large capacity canister load cells with with the ability to measure forces as small as 300 grams to over 2,000,000 pounds. A full line of load cell electronics to \xe2\x80\xa6'

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b"Our OEM team's exceptional expertise and service ensure that your solution meets your needs and complies with standards such as EN15000, EN2080, SOLAS, LiftCAN, Can Open, J1939, etc. Typical markets for strain gage-based force and load sensor solutions are: medical devices, such as integrated ..."

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b'Crane Specifications, Load Charts, and Crane Manuals are for *Reference Only* and are not to be used by the crane operator to operate any type of crane, telehandler, lift truck or aerial access device. To obtain OEM Crane Service, Crane Parts or Crane Maintenance Manuals, contact the crane and or lifting .'

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b'OEM Crane Component Manufacturer Crane Manufacturers Association of America . ... Wear of hoist hooking points, load supporting clevises, pins, slings, linkages or . Operational Guide for Lifting Devices Crane Manufacturers Association of America Maintenance Repairs'

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b'Load Shackles - Introduction . The LCM range of load shackles have been designed for lifting and weighing in rugged or harsh environments. The load shackle pins are manufactured from high tensile carbon steel, while the basic shackle uses the renowned Crosby G2130, G2140 and G2150 series ('

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b'TW Shackles. Shackles are the primary connecting link in all manner of rigging systems, from boats and ships to industrial crane rigging, as they allow different rigging subsets to be connected or disconnected quickly. They are one of the most commonly used rigging fittings. We offer a variety of shackles that meet ...'

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b'Screw pin shackles (2 part) can be used for temporary lifting connections. What lifting equipment training is required to work on a Shell location? Shell requires companies to have a competency assurance process in place that can be audited. Can designated signal person (DSP) also act as a load handler for'