Motorized Operation Bridge Crane Over Head Top Running with Limit Switch for Long & Cross Travelling and Overload Protection

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b'Remote control overhead crane utilizes a remote control system to direct the motion of the crane and the hoist. It is designed for the maximum productivity, safety and flexibility of operations in your plants, and is also a cost-effective choice for most of the users.'

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b'Cranes Hoists Direct offers many different products, brands, capacities, spans and options for freestanding jib cranes, wall mounted jib cranes, davit cranes, pneumatic cranes, portable cranes, gantry'

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b'Safety device: overload limiter, travel limit switch, anti-collision device, etc. Functions of Overhead Crane Double Trolley. The double trolley bridge crane provides great flexibility for lifting long loads. The trolley mechanism which combines an electric hoist and a top running trolley provides two directions of load , , ...'

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b'The electromagnetic double girder overhead crane has high safety in that various protection devices are installed to ensure a secure operation, such as limit switch, overload limit,lifting height limit and lifting'

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b'EMH, Inc. l 550 Crane Drive l Valley City, OH 44280 l Phone (800) 283-8025 Cover Plate: The top or bottom plate of a box girder. Cross Shaft: The shaft extending across the bridge, used to transmit torque from the motor to bridge drive wheels.'


b'travelling crane is that the longitudinal trolleys are mounted on top of or down on the crane track. Travelling cranes are ideal for higher lifting capacities and large span widths. The construction approach is based on beams in longitudinal and transverse direction. GIS travelling cranes ensure full area 5000 .'

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b'Safety devices of monorail bridge cranes. Single girder overhead crane is a special device for lifting and transporting material. As a large and heavy device, the safety protection devices are necessary. The following is brief introduction of three important protection devices. Overload limiter device is used for'


b'This is an emergency device, an up and down limit switch. It also acts as an overload protection [RES. Annex I Machinery Directive]. The clutch discs are asbestos free and are preloaded with a Belleville washer system. 11. BALANCER (ONE CHAIN FALL HOISTS) The balancer is connected to the .'