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b'Crane Depot provides a large assortment of permanent lifting magnets for cranes and magnetic sweepers for forklifts. Visit us today to view our lifting magnets! Contact Us CALL US: 1-800-347-9975'

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b'Plate Lifting Equipment Plate materials such as sheet steel requires specialist equipment in order to lift, turn and manoeuvre it more easily and safely. Lifting Gear Direct can supply a range of plate lifting equipment including permanent lifting magnets and battery powered lifting magnets as well as hand held magnetic grabs.'

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b'The permanent MPI Lifting Magnet magnet is widely used for handling ferromagnetic materials in the metal industry \xe2\x80\x93 in workshops, on building sites, in warehouses for semi-finished steel products, when handling steel workpieces, tools, sheets, metal profiled sections, tubes, and bars. Download our Permanent Lifting Magnet Workload Limit for ...'

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b'All sheet lifters are designed according to the latest revisions of ASME Specifications B30.20 and BTH-1, Design of Below-the-Hook Lifting Devices. Sheet lifters are normally used to lift and move single or multiple stacks of cut-to-length sheets of steel or aluminum. 10 ton sheet lifter with carrying angles that .'

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b'2 partially energised to facilitate load shredding. Different shapes and types of magnet are available, for example: flat pole plate magnets for handling sheet metals and bulk goods such as scrap iron, etc; specially-shaped pole plate magnets for lifting pipes, round steel bars or sectional steel; magnets with adjustable pole fingers for lifting items of irregular shape;'

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b'These magnetic lifters happen to be an existing very useful gadget that has the ability lift an existing load that belongs to 30kg as well as the weight that belongs to the product happens to be just 3kg. this gadget has the ability exist as a used inside of scrap yards as well as construction sites to lift heavy metal sheets also has the ...'

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b'Manhole Cover Lift Magnets $1,059.00 - $2,411.00 Manhole cover lift magnets attach and move manhole covers with magnetic force from a distance to reduce workpla...'

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b'Our Magnetic Sheet and Plate Lifters are designed and manufactured to load and/or unload steel sheets from pallets, racks, cutting tables, shears and more. Our unique designs of these magnetic lifting systems allow one person to safely and effectively move and load sheets onto cutting tables, shear beds and other fabrication equipment.'